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Shelf Reliance Mom: March 2012

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Final Days to Save

New to my blog?  Glad to have you!
I am a consultant at Shelf Reliance and as such am able to give you factory direct pricing on my discount site.  The only way to get it cheaper is to become a Q member or become a consultant.  To learn more about these options you can go to my discount site. If you would like to be the first to know about Shelf Reliance sales, you can sign up for emails from my blog.  

1st off.... an unadvertised sale.  I stumbled upon this one on accident when I was helping a customer order milk.  Instant Milk is typically about $20-21 per can give or take a few.  Well this bucket holds....8 cans!!!  Anyone want to take a guess on the current cost?  $85.99!  That means that you are basically only paying for 4 cans and getting 4 cans free.  As an added bonus, our Shelf Reliance 6 gallon buckets come with a free gamma lids for added freshness once you open your bucket. If this price isn't showing up for you, email me at and I'd be happy to email a discount password or place the order for you.

Needless to say...she bought 5! :)

If you are a veteran to Shelf Reliance, you know that they rotate their sales.  Prices go up and down with the seasons just like the grocery store....lucky for you, this time there aren't very many changes.   Here's the scoop on the things you should order before April 1st at 5 pm MST.

1st off the Q Club special for the Simply Peach Drink being 13.69 ends in just 1 day.  Retail is almost 18...yes fantastic deal on a fantastic drink!  Its always a hit and probably my favorite of the THRIVE Drink line up.

FD Strawberry slices will be increasing to nearly $28 which is almost a $4 per #10 increase. STOCK UP WHILE YOU CAN!

Carrot Dices will be increasing by $2 per #10 can.

Powdered Milk will be increasing by $3.40 per #10 can. 

Fantastic news!  The new FD Granny Smith Apple Slices are $21.59.  This excites me...hold of a few more days on these babies!
Don't forget about the packages we have on sale right now as well going for as much as 42% off.

Also, you have the final days of the March Specials.

Hope you score some fantastic deals.

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Friday, March 30, 2012

Certfied GF? Boy oh boy things just got certifiably better!

New to my blog?  Glad to have you!
I am a consultant at Shelf Reliance and as such am able to give you factory direct pricing on my discount site.  The only way to get it cheaper is to become a Q member or become a consultant.  To learn more about these options you can go to my discount site. If you would like to be the first to know about Shelf Reliance sales, you can sign up for emails from my blog.  
Gluten Free Food...Coming Your Way
As most of you have probably guessed with the announcement of the new Gluten Free Year Supply Package they have going for 35% off, Shelf Reliance has done it again.  They have made getting that piece of mind and building your home store an option for everyone now!  Not looking to buy a package?  Wish you had more options?  That is completely fine.  You can click on any of these items and add it to your cart once you get to the discount site.  Better yet, figure out what would make up a year supply for your family and set up a monthly budget of your own.

Now for the details.... what all has been certified as safe for you? If you have any more questions, I'd love to hear from you. My email is TiffsTreasures (at) gmail (dot) com.  Typically I respond within the same day often same hour.  Hit me with your best shot and I'd love to find an answer.  If I don't know the answer, I will find someone who does as long as the answer is out there! Without further adieu... 

Rice Flour
White Rice
Instant Rice

Apple Chips
Apple Slices
FD Apricots
FD Bananas
Banana Chips
FD Blackberries
FD Blueberries
FD Mangoes
FD Peach Slices
FD Pears
FD Pineapple Chunks
FD Raspberries
FD Strawberries

FD Broccoli
Carrot Dices
FD Cauliflower
FD Celery
FD Sweet Corn
FD Green Beans
FD Mushroom Pieces
FD Chopped Onions
Chopped Onions
FD Green Peas
Split Green Peas
Mixed Bell Peppers
Potato Beads
Potato Chunks
FD Spinach
Sweet Potatos
Tomato Powder

Bacon TVP
Chicken TVP
Taco TVP
Instant Black Beans
Black Beans
Kidney Beans
Lima Beans
Pinto Beans
Instant Pinto Beans
Small Red Beans
Instant Red Beans
Small White Navy Beans
Whole Eggs
FD Chicken Dices
FD Roast Beef
FD Ground Beef
FD Ham Dices
FD Turkey

Cheese Blend
FD Cheddar Cheese
FD Colby Cheese
FD Monterey Jack
FD Mozzarella
Instant Milk
Powdered Milk
Sour Cream Powder

Baking Powder
Baking Soda
Butter Powder
Iodized Salt
Shortening Powder
Brown Sugar
Powdered Sugar
White Sugar

Thanks for stopping by!
If you are new to my blog or new to Shelf Reliance, I'm glad to have you.  I am a consultant at Shelf Reliance and as such am able to give you factory direct pricing on my discount site.  The only way to get it cheaper is to become a Q member or become a consultant.  To learn more about these options you can go to my discount site, or explore it on my blog. If you would like to be the first to know about Shelf Reliance sales, you can sign up for emails from my blog.  Hope to see you again soon!


Thursday, March 29, 2012

Announcing our New Gluten Free Package - Ready to save almost $750?

This is a picture of a different package, everything is listed
individually at the bottom of the post.
Just because you have a gluten intolerance, doesn't mean you need to sacrifice great taste.  Shelf Reliance has put together a THRIVE package made especially for you which has been certified gluten free from the Gluten Free Certification Organization.  Now you TOO can have peace of mind when in a bind and build up a home store of your very own.  These sales are available to you without a coupon- I'm your coupon!  Other fantastic packages include The Year Supply for 4 People  and the Ultimate Veggie Package.

Not wanting a whole package but need Certified Gluten Free Food?  Here's your safety list! You can go shopping at my Shelf Reliance Mom discount site.

Ready to Save almost $750?  Let's do it! 

Gluten Free Package $1399.99 plus 6% ship and tax 
Regularly package through a consultant $1684.39
Retail $2154.92 if bought individually

This pack includes 126 cans which makes up 21 cases of food!  It was created to serve 1 person around 1850 calories a day for a whole year or 2 people for 6 months.  These deals are good through March 17th or while supplies last.  (The last sales ended 10 days early because of such high demand!) To receive these rates, email me at

Here are the Details for the Gluten Free Package

12 White Rice
6 Millet
6 Cornmeal
6 Rice Flour
4 Quinoa
6 Amaranth

Veggies1 Sweet Corn (FD)
1 Broccoli (FD)
4 Carrot Dices
2 Chopped Onions
2 Split Green Peas
1 Potato Dices (FD)
3 Green Peas (FD)
6 Potato Chunks
6 Tomato Powder

Fruits2 Bananas (FD)
2 Strawberries (FD)
2 Raspberries (FD)
6 Apple Slices
1 Pineapple Chunks (FD)
1 Blueberries (FD)
1 Blackberries (FD)

10 Powdered Milk
4 Cheese Blend

6 Whole Egg Powder
1 Black Beans
6 Pinto Beans
3 Lentils
2 Lima Beans
3 Chicken TVP
3 Bacon TVP
5 Taco TVP

2 White Sugar

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Save 42 % on a 4 Person Year Supply of THRIVE Food PLUS get 10% back in free food

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It is that time of year again when the deals keep coming and coming.  Yay!  For those of you who missed out on the meat and cheese sale, not to fear.  Even the monthly sales are great so if you want to be added to the list of people who receive those, click here.

Ready to save nearly $2100? 
Want to earn some free stuff? Let's go!
Shelf Reliance announced 3 fantastic food packages, as well as the lowest price ever offered on a Harvest 72 #10 and water storage.  1 Year Supply for 4 People, Ultimate Veggie Pack and the Gluten Free Pack.   These sales are good through May 28th or while supplies last

1 Year 4 Person Package
2792.99 plus tax & ship Retail Price: 4848.53

This package was designed to feed 4 people 1500 calories each. There are a total of 336 cans AND a cookbook which means 56 cases of food!  That means that the cans are an average of less than $9 a piece.  But wait... there's more!  To thank you for choosing me as your Shelf Reliance Consultant, I am giving away some Best Selling Favorites, all you will need to pay is shipping which should be around $13.  You may have your choice of any one of these packages, each of which are filled with #10 cans, with the purchase of this Year Supply for 4 package.

Your Choices:
1. Food Variety Pack: (1) FD Grapes, (1) Vanilla Yogurt, (1) FD Chopped Chicken,
(1) New FD Beef Chunks, (1) Macaroon Cookies, (1) FD Green Bean (1) FD Tomato Dices, (1) Crank Can Opener

2. Meat Pack: (1) FD Chopped Chicken, (1) FD Roast Beef, (1) FD Turkey Dices, (1) FD Sausage Crumbles, (1) FD Ham Dices, (1) FD Ground Beef

3. Cheese Pack: (2) FD Cheddar, (2) FD Mozzerella, (1) FD Colby, (1) FD Monterey Jack

4. Fruit and Veggie Pack: (1) New FD Fuji Apple, (1) FD Mango, (1) New FD Grapes,
 (1) FD New Tomato Dices, (1) FD Bananas, (1) New FD Green Chile, (1) New FD Red Bell Pepper, (1) New FD Green Bell Pepper, (1) FD Green Beans, (1) FD Mushroom Pieces, 
(1) FD Spinach
Here are the details on the Year Supply for 4 People:

6 Six Grain Pancake Mix
6 Germade
6 Quick Oats
6 Nine Grain Cracked Cereal
36 Hard White Winter Wheat
6 White Flour
9 Whole Wheat Flour
6 Cornmeal
6 Elbow Macaroni
18 Instant Rice
  8 White Rice
  6 Pearled Barley

16 Potato Chunks
6 Sweet Corn (FD)
2 Broccoli (FD)
2 Carrot Dices
6 Green Peas (FD)
3 Split Green Peas
2 Chopped Onions (FD)
2 Chopped Onions
4 Sweet Potatoes
6 Red & Green Bell Peppers

2 Pineapple Chunks (FD)
4 Raspberries (FD)
1 Blackberries (FD)
1 Blueberries (FD)
4 Apple Slices
6 Strawberries (FD)
4 Apple Chips
2 Banana Chips

6 Chocolate Drink Mix
24 Powdered Milk
6 Cheese Blend

3 Taco TVP
6 Bacon TVP
6 Beef TVP
3 Sausage TVP
3 Sloppy Joe TVP
6 Chicken TVP
3 Ham TVP
6 Lentils
12 Black Beans
6 Kidney Beans
14 Pinto Beans
6 Whole Egg Powder

6 Orange Bliss
4 Simply Peach
6 Orchard Apple

2 Beef Bouillon
2 Chicken Bouillon
1 Baking Powder
1 Iodized Salt
2 Brown Sugar
4 White Sugar

6 Fudge Brownies

Tiffany Daumueller
Director at Shelf Reliance

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

April Specials....A little sneak peek!

As many people know, Shelf Reliance has fantastic sales they put out each month.  They are available to anyone who is on the customer discount list.  If you haven't been receiving these and would like to opt in,  email me at TiffsTreasures (at) gmail (dot) com and I would be more than happy to add you to the list so you can start getting them today.

For those of you who are already receiving these fliers, you already know that as a discount customer, you save 15% on these selected products each month.  If you are a Q Member or would like to learn more about becoming one, you can click on this link to add it to your Q and you save an additional 5%...woohoo for 20% off!

And then, for you Platinum Members, if you didn't receive the email for this month for some reason, it is Pearled Barley!  You can get a #10 can for only $6.49 or a case for 36.89!!! A whopping 25% off.  Yay!

For any of you who are saying...wait, its still March, you're in luck :). If you love the yogurt as much as I do and realize that it doesn't go on sale very often, make sure to grab some before the 31st.  Here is a link with the March Specials.  Enjoy!

If you are still learning about the Q and would like to learn more about how it works or how to edit your Q, you can visit this blog post with helpful videos, just for you ;)

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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Something Worth Fighting For

As you all know, I am very much into preparing to become self reliant in all aspects of my life.   Oftentimes, I think about the blessing of health that I have that makes planning for medications during challenging situations something to be even more grateful for.  I stumbled across this Mesothelioma Blog that is about a mother's personal journey and struggles about finding out she has been diagnosed with cancer while having a tiny little infant at home.  I thought this might be of interest to someone out there who may be having the same struggles and hope that it will appeal to someone during their time of need.  I touched my heart thinking of having to leave my children to undergo such a mentally, physically and emotionally stressful surgery to ensure being able to see my baby for years ahead.  You should check this page out. May God bless you all with strength and health through out this coming year.