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Shelf Reliance Mom: January 2011

Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year, same great prices!

Shelf Reliance just announced that they are keeping their wonderful Christmas sales going on now through the month of January. If you were wanting to see any prices, they are listed under December Sales prices until I have the time to update the post.  I will try to type up what percentage of discount you are receiving so you know how much you are saving by getting the party price.  If you want to have party prices for life, just send me an email at and I would be more than happy to set up a customer profile for you so you can shop online and still get the great prices.  If you would like a copy of the full party price list or events flier, send me an email and I would be glad to forward that to you.

With sales this great, it also means that now would be a GREAT time to sign up for a party if you are interested in doing so.  I have a couple more spots open for January and the beginning of February so let me know as soon as possible if you want to set up a date so we can get invitations sent out soon.  I will work with you to figure out what fruit samples, meal, and dessert would be best to serve at your party.  People will love that they are getting Christmas deals and parties are most successful this time of year since everyone is trying to start their New Year's Resolutions.  But most importantly, you will be helping other people to prepare their families and that is priceless.

A LASTING New Year's Resolution

I am always grateful for New Year's Day as it gives me time to reflect on what I've accomplished in the past year and to focus on the things which really need work.  I have had getting my years supply of food storage as a goal for the past year and was able to get the basics under control (ie. beans, wheat, milk) but once I started thinking about what I was going to cook with these items in order to keep them rotated, I had a hard time thinking of a variety of meals that wouldn't require me to go the grocery store every now and then.  THRIVE foods allows me to add fruits, vegetables, meats, dairy and seasonings to my bland 1 year supply to make it a healthier and tastier outlook for me and my family.  My goal this year is to build up a supply of foods that would allow me to have delicious meals that would fit more under the MyPyramid recommended values rather than Bare Bones diet.  If anyone needs helps trying to figure out what their family needs, just email me and I can set up a customer profile for you on Shelf Reliance.  You can then use the FREE Food Planner to figure out just how much food your family needs of each of the different types of food.  It calculates everything based on the MyPyramid once you enter the gender, age and desired calorie count of each individual in your family.  I love this wonderful tool.  If you want to kick it up a notch and start having those goals met each month, I can help you sign up for the Q.

 The Q is a program which allows YOU to decide what amount of your grocery budget you would like to reallocate to food storage.  After you've filled out the Food Planner it allows you to adjust the amounts of each type of food to be whatever your family needs.  For example, my family has enough White Wheat, Black Beans and Powdered Milk to feed a small army, so I can remove those items.  However, I do not have enough egg powder, butter powder and other essentials so I can choose to get more of those items.  If the computer has showed that 3 #10 cans of cauliflower would be appropriate for my family in a year, but I know that my family only eats cauliflower on rare occasions, I can change that to 1 can of cauliflower and reallocate those needed vegetables to carrots, onions, or some other vegetable I know my family will eat more readily.  Once I've set up my food planner, I can now leave the Q on autopilot if I want, knowing that it won't go above my budget and it will only add the foods that I want.  Or, if I want to be more involved month to month, I can go online to my Thrive Q and see which items are set to ship out in a few days and edit it according to what I would like more quickly.  For example, if it is going to ship a can of green beans, strawberries and chicken this month, but I would prefer to stock up on the basics first, I can remove those items to have them shipped later, then add the powdered eggs, butter and baking powder I want first.  This is such a revolutionary tool that I will allow a lot of people to gain control over their food storage plan.  The most fantastic part of all is once you become a customer through me, you receive party prices FOR LIFE!!! That means you can stock up on whatever is on sale for that month if you want to keep getting the sales prices each month.

If you are interested in the Q, just email me at so I can set up a customer profile for you so you will be guaranteed the sale prices.  They have another promotion running now through February 15th which will allow someone to receive Platinum membership (receive points to earn free things based on the money you spend on your Q, free q-pons, recipes and other specials) for free. This is an awesome deal since after the 15th it will cost 79.99 for the Platinum membership plus a 19.99 annual fee. If you need more information about this or any other part of Shelf Reliance, just send me an email.

Easy Omelet Recipe

Making a healthy, high protein and vegetable, low fat and calorie breakfast is simple with THRIVE foods.  I get a lot of people who ask if I eat the powdered eggs when they are not in baked goods.  Honestly,  I haven't had the opportunity to try it yet so today I took the plunge and found out that I absolutely love it and will have to make it a regular occurrence! I like omelets, but for some reason find it difficult to do.  I don't like the sliminess that can be left on top if you don't get it to slide around in the pan correctly, so I don't make them very often.  This recipe was so easy and adaptable to anyone's taste that I had to make a post about it!
Quick 'n Easy Omelet
2 T THRIVE Egg Powder
2 t THRIVE Onions
2 t THRIVE Bell Peppers
1 t THRIVE Powdered Milk
5 1/2 T Hot Water
Salt and Pepper to taste
2 T cheese

Measure out all of the ingredients and let sit together in a small cereal to allow the veggies, eggs and milk to rehydrate.  After 5 minutes, mix ingredients with a fork to make sure all of the powdered milk lumps have been broken up.  Heat up a frying pan, spray with non-stick cooking spray and pour your egg mixture on. Allow to cook at low heat for a couple minutes. Sprinkle cheese on top, fold over, then serve immediately. Viola!

This is just a base recipe, change it up to feature mushrooms, ham, or any of the vegetables or meats that you enjoy most.  Salsa would also add some delicious flavor. Let me know if there is a combo you enjoy and I'll give it a try. 

Just a note: If you are adding some THRIVE ingredients that aren't supposed to be rehydrated (ie TVP Bacon), just add them on top when you add the cheese so it doesn't make them soft if its not supposed to be soft!