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10 Benefits to being on the Q

Shelf Reliance Mom: 10 Benefits to being on the Q

Thursday, June 2, 2011

10 Benefits to being on the Q

Ever ran out of any of the following when you needed it most?
    Eggs, Milk, Cheese, Butter, Chicken, Ground Beef ...and did I mention milk.  Well, it's worth mentioning twice.

Ever let some of these go bad before using the entire package?
     Mushrooms, Blueberries, Blackberries, Strawberries, Eggs, Milk etc.

Ever need last minute treats? Have a favorite comfort food that you like to have on hand that you know you can't live without?
     Just add water cookies and brownies that rock my world!  No more 450 calorie sugar cookies from WalMart when you're in a bind for bringing a dessert.

Do you cook with something a lot?
     Chicken, noodles, cheese once again...up to you.

How about last minute meals?
     Because our foods are washed, chopped up (and some of them cooked) and ready to go, meals are ready in an instant.  McDonald's might notice you don't fall back on them as often, but the food is so healthy and tasty, I'm sure your waist will thank you.  Mine does!

Like to bake cookies with the kids, but you're afraid to let them lick the spoon?
     Our eggs are free from the risk of salmonella so enjoy this time honored tradition of eating cookie dough without the fear.

Live in a place that gets snow storms in the winter with possible house lock downs.
     Just another reason to get your home store in order before the hard times befall you.

Live alone, with only one other person, or in an RV with limited space?
     We have convenient pantry sized cans that can be refilled from the larger #10 cans later.

Ever tried to calculate how much food your family would need if you needed longer term food storage?
     Use our easy food storage planner to figure out exactly how much your family would need in order to have a healthy, balanced life sustainable amount of food using products you know that you all like.

Like getting the best deals available?
     Shelf Reliance guarantees that their Q Club customers will get the lowest price, no matter what.

With that said...don't forget who your neighbors are after you become a Q member!  Let them in on the fun and earn free products together.

11th can earn a Food Rotation System for FREE!!!



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