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Final Days to Save

Shelf Reliance Mom: Final Days to Save

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Final Days to Save

New to my blog?  Glad to have you!
I am a consultant at Shelf Reliance and as such am able to give you factory direct pricing on my discount site.  The only way to get it cheaper is to become a Q member or become a consultant.  To learn more about these options you can go to my discount site. If you would like to be the first to know about Shelf Reliance sales, you can sign up for emails from my blog.  

1st off.... an unadvertised sale.  I stumbled upon this one on accident when I was helping a customer order milk.  Instant Milk is typically about $20-21 per can give or take a few.  Well this bucket holds....8 cans!!!  Anyone want to take a guess on the current cost?  $85.99!  That means that you are basically only paying for 4 cans and getting 4 cans free.  As an added bonus, our Shelf Reliance 6 gallon buckets come with a free gamma lids for added freshness once you open your bucket. If this price isn't showing up for you, email me at and I'd be happy to email a discount password or place the order for you.

Needless to say...she bought 5! :)

If you are a veteran to Shelf Reliance, you know that they rotate their sales.  Prices go up and down with the seasons just like the grocery store....lucky for you, this time there aren't very many changes.   Here's the scoop on the things you should order before April 1st at 5 pm MST.

1st off the Q Club special for the Simply Peach Drink being 13.69 ends in just 1 day.  Retail is almost 18...yes fantastic deal on a fantastic drink!  Its always a hit and probably my favorite of the THRIVE Drink line up.

FD Strawberry slices will be increasing to nearly $28 which is almost a $4 per #10 increase. STOCK UP WHILE YOU CAN!

Carrot Dices will be increasing by $2 per #10 can.

Powdered Milk will be increasing by $3.40 per #10 can. 

Fantastic news!  The new FD Granny Smith Apple Slices are $21.59.  This excites me...hold of a few more days on these babies!
Don't forget about the packages we have on sale right now as well going for as much as 42% off.

Also, you have the final days of the March Specials.

Hope you score some fantastic deals.

Thanks for stopping by!


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