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Shelf Reliance Mom: May 2012

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Ultimate Veggie Package - Average can less that $13 each!

Back while supplies last...

Ultimate Veggie Package
Sale Price: $378.00

Divided equally between the cans that equals 12.60 a can!

Ultimate Veggie Package Contents: 

3 Sweet Corn (FD) (*Savings of almost $5 or ^$6 each)

3 Sweet Potatoes (Exclusive to package only!)

2 Green Peas (FD) (*Savings of about $8 or ^$6.50 each)

2 Cauliflower (FD) (*Savings of around $4 or ^$2.50 each)

2 Potato Chunks (About the same cost)

2 Red & Green Bell Peppers (*Savings of $6.50 or ^$4 each)

2 Broccoli (FD) (*Savings of almost $15.50 or ^$13.50 each) 
1 Chopped Onions (*Savings of $2 or ^1)
1 Split Green Peas 
4 Carrot Dices (*Savings of $7 or ^$6 each)
2 Spinach (FD) (*Savings of $5 or ^ $4 each)
4 Potato Beads (*Savings of $4 or ^$3 each)
2 Potato Dices (FD) (*Savings of $7.50 or ^$5.50 each)

To get these amazing prices, email me at

These packages are set up as a large package only and are not able to be exchanged.  Because this is shipping from the distributor, you will be receiving only the freshest product available.  Click here to view the return and shipping policy.

^Savings based off of price difference from buying individual cans on my Consultant Website Pricing.
*Savings based off of price difference from buying individual cans at retail price. (AKA don't do this!)

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Monday, May 7, 2012

New Scrambled Egg Mix

I just need to give a shout out for our new scrambled egg mix.  YUMMO!  I was excited to see that is is JUST eggs (no added anti-caking agents or salts), but they used a different process than they do for the powdered eggs that I use in all of my baking.  They turned out so fluffy and wonderful :)  They will be perfect for scrambled eggs and omelets.

Oh...and a lesson I learned, don't overdue it.  I used 1/2 cup of scrambled eggs to 1/2 cup water which is the equivalent of 4 eggs because usually powdered eggs don't go as, yah... I shouldn't eat that many at once.  I had also added a 1/4 cup of FD Green Bell Peppers and FD Red Bell Peppers to the mix to beef it up and increased the water by 1/4 cup.

Here's my first experience with this great new product.

Added 1/2 cup Scrambled Egg Mix, 1/4 Bell Peppers (1/8 each), 3/4 cup Water

I let it sit about 5-7 minutes to let the Bell Peppers rehydrate.

I cooked it on the stove top in minutes...voila!

Although you can use powdered and scrambled eggs in anything that calls for eggs, I thought it'd be fun to give this cookbook a try.  It just came in the mail on Friday.  Can't wait!

You can add it to your Q today!

You can get Platinum free through me, just email me to find out more details.  Thanks for stopping by!

Tiffany Daumueller
Independent Consultant and Director at Shelf Reliance/ THRIVE Foods

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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

May Q Club and Products up to 20% Off

Don't you just love the 1st of the month?  Me too!
To get these sales click here.

Other sales going on now through May 28th.

And for you Q Club members....the May Q pon is for a fantastic basic "super food".

Wondering what this Q thing is and why they get a special sale? The Qpon is just one of the perks of being a Platinum Member. Anyone who signs up with a monthly Q shipment  of over $100/ month with me gets Platinum Membership absolutely free (a $79.99 value). Contact me for more details at or call 575.323.1132. To view the Family Planner and see what the Q can do for you, please go here.
Thanks for stopping by!

As always, I love to hear from you.  Don't hesitate to write or call if you have any questions.

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