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Shelf Reliance Mom: November 2012

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Black Friday $70 Raffle and Complete Sale Details

As many of you know, I love to give things away.  I've raffled a Harvest 72, cookbooks, food, under the bed rack, 72 hour kit.... what can I say, its fun!

One of the things I did last year that many people enjoyed was a raffle to thank my valued Black Friday customers.  I learned later that you cannot have someone entered in for a drawing because they made a purchase because that is considered gambling--- oops :(

This year I will have to do the point system a little different, but I feel confident that it will allow more people to participate as well as create a more even playing field.  Also, instead of choosing an item to raffle off, I am going to let YOU choose what you would like to buy.  Sounds great, right???  Because I will also be taking advantage of this incredible sale and get you more product for the money, the entries must be in by no later than noon on Monday so I will have time to add up the points, write the winner to get the address and place the order.

To earn these points, you must leave a comment at the bottom of this page.  Please list one comment per type of entry you do so it will be easier for me to count the points in the end.  Please also leave a comment with what you choose to spend the money on as well as an email so I can write you if you are the winner.   If you would feel more comfortable emailing me your address rather than posting your email on the comment section that is completely fine, but please still leave comments for entries. Thank you!

Ready to win $70 in free product?  Let's do this!

Here is the point system:

Spreading the word on the sale is the biggest way to help the largest group of people so this is where the majority of the points will go.

  - 1 point for each person you email about the sale.  Go here for details on how to do this and receive points.  Please note that I must be on the recipient list so I can count the number of emails.  I WILL NOT be adding their emails to my discount database until I receive permission from them first.

   - 15 points for "Hosting an Online Black Friday Event" Same post for details.

   - 5 points for posting a link on Facebook to my Black Friday website.  Please personalize the post with what you love about THRIVE and why you are excited about it being such a good sale.  Maybe tell others the product you are most excited to buy.  This is the link:

   - 3 points for going to my site during the Black Friday event and letting me know the product you are most excited to buy.

   - 5 points if anyone you refer to me ends up Hosting an Online Event as well.

   - 1 point for stating what you want to win and having it add up correctly :)

   - 10 points if you have a blog and you write a post about this sale with links to my website.

   - 1 point for each person who visits from your blog. (Don't you just love Google Analytics!)

Here are the ads so you can start shopping.

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Spread the Word - Let's Earn some Free Food

Most people know that THRIVE allows you to host a food tasting demonstration in your home and earn rewards for sharing it with your friends and family.  But, did YOU know that I can offer you free and half priced food just for sending an email to your friends and family members and pasting a link to my discount site on your Facebook page?  If you place an order and have anyone else place an order during the sale, I can have their orders connected to yours.

I know people who've bought a whole year's supply of food during Black Friday due to the extreme discounts and have earned hundreds of free food by passing the deal on to others, so don't let this pass you by!

Here are the 5 easy steps:

1. Email me ( with the subject labeled HOST BENEFITS BLACK FRIDAY 2012 with your first and last name as well as email address and the words Host Benefits in the message.  Learn about raffle rewards for "Spreading the Word" here.

2. Wait for a response from me with an email for the Black Friday Holiday sales that you will be able to forward.

3. Forward this email to whoever you would like but be sure to INCLUDE MY EMAIL in the recipients list so that I can give you credit for those people when they order. Please personalize the email you send to the group by writing a little 2 or 3 sentence intro as to why you like THRIVE and are so excited for the cheapest prices of the year.  You will also earn entries into the raffle for each person you email.

4. I am not a fan of SPAM so I will not add them on to my customer list automatically in case they are not interested.  I will wait until either the individual on the list contacts me, you contact me saying they requested a log in code, or I get a sale from the website to connect them to you. 

5. When the sale is over, I will tally your order as well as those who joined you in the sale and will give you a Host Benefit Total as well as instructions on how this works.  Then we will set up a time for me to place the order over the phone with you.

To view the full chart on how much free and half priced retail food you can earn, go here.

To thank you for sharing the message, you will be joining me in the "Project Preparedness" in which 100% of my referral commissions will be going to Humanitarian Aid in order to bless the lives of those who were affected by the Sandy Hurricane and other similar disasters.  And, as always, THRIVE contributes 5% of all sales to THRIVING Nations.  Thank you for helping in the effort to Pay it Forward.

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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Ya'll ready for this? BLACK FRIDAY!!!

Please note that the link will connect you to the actual sale once the sale is available
but currently connects you to the link for the flyer.
Shelf Reliance Black Friday Sale 2012
It is that spectacular time of year again when Shelf Reliance drops their prices lower than low, internet crashes due to high demand and we all have loads of food shipped to us and our close family members making even our pantry cupboards smile!

Here's the difference.  This year, Shelf Reliance will only be offering this sale to customers of consultants and sales are while supplies last ONLY.  If you do not already have a consultant with whom you are working, I can fill that gap for you!!!  You will be able to get this fabulous discount by going to my website during the sale.

Not sure if you are already connected to my site?  If you would like to join in on this fantastic deal, simply email me at with the subject line BLACK FRIDAY 2012 and I will be more than happy to email you the information on the sales as well as step-by-step instructions on how to share these deals with your family members and friends.  Better yet, you can earn 10% in free food as well as half priced product just for sharing these amazing deals.

If you are ready to save like never before, get prepared.

- Start taking inventory so you know what things you are in need of stocking up on.  Its better than scrambling to do that in the process of making a Thanksgiving Dinner.

- Start collecting emails and phone numbers of friends who will be interested.  This is something you will want to share.  I've had people earn free shelves, food, 72 kits and more with all of the free product they've earned.  Your friends will then be able to share with their friends and family and earn the same great deals.

- Figure out a day that will work for you.  Typically I am busy from dawn til dusk with this sale because it is THAT good.  They have not told us how long this sale will last, but typically they announce the deals to the public around Wednesday or Thursday and have it last a few days.  Schedule your time with me first so you will get first come first serve.  I love taking time to figure exactly what you need so I can optimize your budget money. Please note that you will be able to shop on your own on the my discount website, but if you would like to earn free product based on friends orders, I will have to place the free and half off order.

-Your friends and family members will all need discount codes to my discount site.  Get the emails to me as well as permission to send them sale information ASAP.

- Decide how much money you are wanting to spend.  I have some people who are pretty sure they want to order, but spend the whole sale time figuring out how much they want to spend then place their order in a rush on the last day.  Consult your spouse, wallet, bank account.... whoever you need NOW so you will be in agreement.

The first people to place their orders will be the first people to receive their orders.  Each year this deal gets BIGGER and BIGGER. Please don't be last in line!

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