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Huge Shipping Discount for Shelf Reliance - No Coupon Necessary on 1 Year Supply Packages

Shelf Reliance Mom: Huge Shipping Discount for Shelf Reliance - No Coupon Necessary on 1 Year Supply Packages

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Huge Shipping Discount for Shelf Reliance - No Coupon Necessary on 1 Year Supply Packages

This sale has ended, but better ones are on the here to view the Current Sales and newly released products.  To be notified right away when there are sales,  you can join my free email list or email me at to get information on unadvertised deals.

Day 3-Convenient Packages  

For the 30 Days of Faves I'd have to say that I love all of the convenient package combos Shelf Reliance offers.  There are many companies that offer one set package and what you get is what you get.  Shelf reliance offers packages with Dehydrated foods, and Freeze-Dried Foods.  For Dairy Free or Meat Free.  It is very easy for someone who is totally knew to the idea of building a "Home Store" to come and see what they'd want.  All they'd need to do was figure out how many people they would need to feed, how basic or extravagant they'd want to get, and decide if there were packages they'd want more due to the types of food.  The packages are very clear about exactly how many calories are in there per person so you are not left wondering, will I have enough food?  What a simple way to prepare your family for the storms ahead without having to suffer from the guilt of not having your family prepared.

For more information on the reasons for food storage and 72 hour kits please visit Lessons from Japan.  I will be sure to give you details on the differences between Freeze Dried and Dehydrated foods tomorrow!


Shelf Reliance is going to be changing their shipping charges beginning June 8th.  What does this mean for you?  If you were going to be buying a 1 year supply of food for a family of any size, a large 72 hour kit package, tents or shelving units, you will want to buy by clicking here before June 8th to save LOTS of money.

Currently the rate to ship anything over $190 is only 15.99, but starting June 8th, due to rising gas prices, they will be changing their costs to 5% of the package total.  For example if you were going to buy a Standard 1 Year Supply of FD and Dehydrated Food, for the next week it will cost you $15.99 to ship, after June 8th it will be around $130.  That is a savings of around $114 just for ordering in the next week.

I know not everyone needs a year supply package that is this big, but I will just use this as an example:
This is the 1 Year Deluxe Food Storage Package - Family of Five package which retails for $7,657.49.  You can buy it through the website for 20% off bringing it do just about $6,000.  I can sweeten the deal in 3 more ways,
1) Order BEFORE June 8th and you will only pay 15.99 to ship it to anywhere in the 48 contiguous states.
2) I will send you a case of ANY food of your choice after you email me and tell me what it is you'd like. Whether you are carnivores and want more meat, need the simplicity of just add water meals and would like entrees, can't get enough of the freeze-dried pineapple or your kids eat a lot of cheese or yogurt....your wish is my command!
3) If you can find at least one other person who'd like to place an order with you (it doesn't have to be this big)  I will set up a party for you so you can earn lots of free and half off product.

Why am I offering this stellar deal? Come June 8th it will cost someone $300 to ship this package.  I know that Daily Bread and many other BIG year suppliers are starting to up their shipping with the rising gas prices, but I'm hoping to get people prepared as soon as possible for as cheap as possible.

So lets review....
You get almost $8,000 (7700 from the 1 year supply and around 275 from the case of your choice) worth of food plus a possibility to earn 500 in half off retail product and 600 in free retail product for the price of about $6000 if you order before June 8th.  If you order after June 8th, the package will still be on sale through my website but you will no longer get the case of free food and shipping will now cost $300 rather than 15.99.  Technically I just gave you another 284 ($) deal sweeteners!
Thinking about ordering a different year supply package?  Email me and I'll let you know what I'd be able to offer you.

I am appreciative that Shelf Reliance shipping prices are still more competitive than most direct sales companies, just passing the message on!

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