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Food storage isn't necessarily perfect, but it is PERFECTLY necessary!

Shelf Reliance Mom: Food storage isn't necessarily perfect, but it is PERFECTLY necessary!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Food storage isn't necessarily perfect, but it is PERFECTLY necessary!

The time to prepare is now...why we really need to learn from Japan.

I try not to get too gloom and doom-y on you but I honestly feel like what is happening in Japan is not grabbing enough people's attention.  Why is it that a HUGE disaster affecting thousand upon thousands of people in a country that has the 3rd largest economy in the WORLD is not making more jaws drop.  The tsunami is not only affecting people in Japan and nearby surrounding countries, it is affecting US.  The nuclear waste is affecting the milk of cows, veggies, fruits... its huge.  I am so grateful that I have all of my powdered milk and I urge you all to order more powdered milk if you have some, and if you haven't even gotten started... PLEASE jump on the band wagon!!!  This video was done nicely in that it doesn't overdue the severity of the situation, but it does make people stop and think.   If you've started building a home store, fantastic. If you haven't, please do.  Please don't wait until after food prices have sky rocketed and food is a scarce commodity to think about feeding your families.  Each person should have a years supply of food and at least 2 weeks worth of water.  Also, please don't forget your 72 Hour Kits (more information to follow).  Please take the 4 minutes to watch the following video and let me know what you think. Thanks!

What is a 72 hour kit?

A 72 hour kit is a bag (usually a backpack) that you will be able to grab at a moment's notice should you be forced to flee from your homes at a moment's notice.  It should have enough food, clothing, shelter, battteries, important documents... to get you through 3 days in whatever situation you may be forced to enter.  There is a lot of variance as to what people put in it, but there are some guidelines which might be able to help.  Shelf Reliance actually sells kits that are awesome and allow you to either select the amount of people for whom you'd need to prepare as well as the level you'd need, or it will allow you to build your own kit.  This tool helps you to enter the disasters which would be most prevalent in your area (ie. I'm not going to need a blizzard safe backpack since I am in the sunny Southwest) and will help you decide what extras you might need.  You can order one of these by going to and clicking BUY then typing in emergency kit to view the options.  This video will help you understand more about that process.

If you'd like to build your own kit, visit this FEMA site which gives you an idea of the basic necessities which should go in your kit and the reasons for doing so.

So, if I'm just going to have to flee, why is it important to have a YEAR'S Supply of food?

What is food storage?

Food storage is building up a supply of food in your home that you can use in more than just emergency situations.  If a job loss were to occur, you'd have a lot less stress knowing that your family is fed.  I know that many of the people from Japan had to flee, but those who were left in their homes without a place to go, electricity or grocery stores were really is a sad position when they began realizing they had nowhere to turn for their next meal.

How do I know what to store?

Shelf Reliance sells 1 year supplies of food which are already a measured amount of food your family would need to survive.  They sell cookbooks and other supplies to help you know what to do with all of this food.  Another nice thing is that most of it lasts for up to 25 years when sealed or 6-24 months once opened. This is a fantastic thing to think about getting as you will know that your family is safe for whatever may come.  The reason why I chose Shelf Reliance is because when I was comparing grams of food in a #10 can to all other competitors, they were almost always a better deal.  Once you've got your 1 year, I would suggest you start buying more foods for snacks and comfort as most of us are not actually used to living on only 1200 calories a day. Please, do what you can while you can.  If you cannot afford a whole year's supply at once, I would highly suggest you get on the Q and start stocking up on extra items each time you go to the grocery store. Don't forget other necessities like Toilet Paper, Deodorant, Shampoo....

If you have any questions about how to get started, please visit or write me at


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