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Win a Free Harvest 72" Self Rotating Shelf or organization system of your choice

Shelf Reliance Mom: Win a Free Harvest 72" Self Rotating Shelf or organization system of your choice

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Win a Free Harvest 72" Self Rotating Shelf or organization system of your choice

Easy ways to earn tickets into this raffle:
1. Follow me on the blog by clicking on the Follow buton. (25 tickets)
2. Like me on Facebook by clicking here. (25 tickets)
3. Join the Q and get 1 ticket for every dollar you commit to the Q
each month by clicking here.
4. Make a purchase online by clicking here (100 tickets)
5. Host an online party and get tickets for each of your friends on the Q.
For each friend that you email contest details to, you will receive another entry.  If you invite FB friends to "like" my page, leave a comment with the number of people whom you invited so I know how many more tickets to give you....honor system.  Example letter below.

Details below.... Contest Ends June 30th

Have you been drooling over an organization system of your choice, but can't afford to make it your own?  Collecting cans to build your Home Store and have nowhere to put them or rotate them?  I would love to help you out!  Now through June 30th, if you establish a Q under me by clicking here you will gain a chance to make that dream come true!  I will be holding a drawing  to include each person who sets up their Q with me for the next month.  For every dollar you commit to the Q, I will put an equal number of tickets in the drawing for you.  For example, if you are doing  a $200 Q, I will submit 200 tickets with your name on them.  You can do whatever amount fits your family's budget.  For all of your tried and true friends of mine who have been around since the beginning.... don't despair.  If you boost your Q to a larger amount, I will give you a ticket for each dollar for which you increase your Q.  Or, if you introduce someone else to the Q, let me know and I will give both you and the friend entries into the drawing.

I know some of you are saying, "But I don't have room for a Harvest 72" shelf.  That's okay. Feel free to dream about any of the other freestanding shelves or some of the cansolidators and I'd be happy to oblige you with ones that would work with your home!

Being on the Q is a win, win, win..... 1. You win by knowing that you are preparing your family for the future. 2. You win the chance to get an organization system of your dreams. 3. You are able to double dip 3 months worth of the Q to a future party or cooking demonstration. View this video to learn how the Q works.

So say you are thinking, I don't know many people who'd like to buy food....well if you just find 2 other people who want to order, lets do a rundown of how this would work.  Say you sign up for a $150 Q, that would already give you $450 in party sales before any product was bought.  If each of your friends were to place an order of $100 that would bring it to $650.  But wait,  if one of them signs up on the Q for $100, 3 x 100 adds another $300 bringing your sales to $950!  You just earned yourself $95 in free retail priced product and $150 in half off!!!  For each one of your friends who would like to do an online party, you'd earn another $100 in half off product. To learn more about how to do this, please visit Host Benefits.  

Let's not forget all of the entries into this drawing you'd get in this example... your $150 Q and their $100 Q would have given you 250 tickets into the drawing for a shelf of your choice!

Not sure you want to be on the Q yet?  Just make a purchase by visiting my site for the first time by clicking here and I will be more than happy to add 100 tickets into the drawing.  Want to just buy the shelf on your own?  You can look at the standard Harvest 72 or any of the food rotating systems that Shelf Reliance has to offer.  I might be able to get you an even cheaper deal if you email me as well.

Are you thinking that you might like to do what I'm doing?  To learn more about becoming a consultant, please visit Join My Team. Want to win a free cookbook? Visit here for more details.

Example Letter
Dear Friends and Family,
I am entering a contest to win a free can rotation system and thought you might be interested in winning one.  It is really easy to earn tickets.  For details, just go to
For each person you forward this to, you also get
another free entry as long as you add to the recipients.  Good luck everyone!

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At July 1, 2011 at 7:12 PM , Blogger Suzanna H. said...

Wait, did nobody really enter? Well, If you still want to give it away, I'm willing to take it. My husband and I are making a HUGE order tonight.


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