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Final days for Shelf Reliance Discount- No Coupon Required!

Shelf Reliance Mom: Final days for Shelf Reliance Discount- No Coupon Required!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Final days for Shelf Reliance Discount- No Coupon Required!

Hello everyone!
It seems like it has been awhile since I've written about any price changes, so I guess that's a good thing.  Now, with summer quickly approaching, the new price list is also coming.  I was relieved that even though gas prices have skyrocketed, Shelf Reliance has kept their prices really low compared to competition. If you were wanting to get in on a few of the cheaper prices before the next price list comes out, here's a list of the products that are having the greatest increase:

FD Mozzerella Cheese - $5
Beef Bouillon - $3
Blackberries - $2.50
FD Broccoli - $2
Mixed Bell Peppers - $2
FD Green Peas - $2
Chocolate Drink Mix - $2
Chicken Bouillon - $1.50

Germade, Barley, Powdered Milk and Beans all had the most significant price raise percentage wise, but all are about $1 more per #10 can. Most of the prices have actually stayed the same (Hooray!)  and there are even quite a few with decreased prices.  (ie. Wait til June before you buy Tomato Powder, Cheese Blend, Baking Powder)  I will be able to send out a price list come the first few days in June.  Remember, this new price list comes into effect at 5pm on June 1st so if you want to cash in on the cheaper prices, please do so BEFORE 5 PM on Wednesday, June 1st.  To get these great prices before the new increase, you can place your order by going to or click here.  Please don't forget to log in as that is the way it knows to give you my discount.

If you were interested getting on the Q or buying a shelving unit, I just wanted to let you know about a give-away that I am doing on my blog.  You can visit Win A Free Harvest 72" for more details.  I love my Harvest 72" so I hope that someone else will enjoy getting one for free (or another organizing shelf of their choice :)  If you are wanting to book a party with me to raise your chances, tell me as soon as possible as I will be gone for part of June.  Remember that you will be entered just for placing an order in on my website listed in the previous paragraph if you would still like to be entered but don't want to sign up for the Q.  Here is my blog about the benefits of hosting a party


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