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May 2011 Q-pon - Shelf Reliance Promotion on Sour Cream

Shelf Reliance Mom: May 2011 Q-pon - Shelf Reliance Promotion on Sour Cream

Monday, May 2, 2011

May 2011 Q-pon - Shelf Reliance Promotion on Sour Cream

Q Club Coupon for May- 25% off of#10 can of Sour Cream or 30% off of a case of 6 cans.
Retail $24.59
Party $22.19
#10 Q-pon $18.44
Case Q-pon $103.27 = $17.21 per can

Once again, the Q specials are fantastic.  If you don' t have sour cream in your food storage, now is the time to get to it!  You can rehydrate to use this as sour cream on your taco salad, chili and other dinner items, or you can use it to moisten up a wonderful batch of homemade cookies or banana bread.  I think that we forget all of the things we use in everyday cooking that we would truly miss if we had to live without it.  Remember, this special is only for Q customers.  If you are wondering how to get on this discount list, its by becoming a Q customer.  This is free when you sign up through me.  If you'd like more details on what the Q system is and what would work for your family, you can click here for more details as well as visit past posts about this topic.  Some good ones are Host BenefitThrive Q Videos and Win a Free Harvest 72".  

Email me if you'd be interested in setting up an online party so you can earn more host benefits from your Q and become a Platinum Member for FREE!  For every dollar you sign up on the Q, you will be given an equal amount of tickets to the Harvest 72" contest running for the month of May.


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