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Introducing THRIVE cookbooks, ice cream, instant beans and YOGURT!!!

Shelf Reliance Mom: Introducing THRIVE cookbooks, ice cream, instant beans and YOGURT!!!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Introducing THRIVE cookbooks, ice cream, instant beans and YOGURT!!!

THRIVE Cookbook

     Introducing the new, long-awaited and requested THRIVE cookbook!  This awesome vibrant colored photo cookbook will be available to all home party customers starting March 1st. It has an index by type of food so if you're wondering what to do with your tomato powder, raspberries or corn... you're all set.  It will be 24.99, but if you are one of my customers, I would love to sell it to you at a much greater discount as long as my supplies last.  If you are once of my home party customers, I can sell it to you for 20% off, if you are a Q customer, I can sell it to you for 40% off.... you do the math ;) It's a great deal.  Write me at if you are interested.
 Pomegranate Yogurt Bites 

      Appparently many of you belong to the Shelf Reliance Blog or are friends of Shelf Reliance on Facebook because the new products they have released for the final days of February have sure peaked a TON of interest.  If you would like to purchase these, you have to let me know so I can add you to a "Party" because they are only available for home party customers until next month.  As you can see, they are a couple dollars cheaper per can today and tomorrow, then the prices go up in March.  I will post the March pricelist in a couple of days so you can adjust your Qs for whatever deals are best for you.

  Today and Tomorrow          Starting Tuesday, March 1stBlueberry Yogurt  #10 - 31.78   33.69
                      Pantry - 11.98        13.39
Orange Yogurt #10     - 32.89    34.89
                    Pantry  -  13.00        14.59
Passionfruit Yogurt #10 - 28.81 30.49
                    Pantry    - 11.38        12.79
Pomegranite Yogurt #10 - 28.81   30.49
                     Pantry    -  11.38        12.79
Strawberry Yogurt #10  -  28.81  30.49
                     Pantry    -  11.38        12.79
Vanilla Yogurt #10       -   31.70    33.59
                      Pantry -    13.00        14.59
Beans that cook in 20 minutes:
Instant Black Beans #10   -  11.64  12.39
                               Pantry- 5.69        6.39
Instant Pinto Beans #10    -   11.21  11.89
                               Pantry 5.35          5.99
Instant Red Beans #10    11.21        11.89
                             Pantry 5.35            5.99

Ice Cream Sandwiches #10 - 22.94 24.29
                                Pantry 10.79       12.09
Chocolate Ice Cream Bars #10 24.59 22.19
                                Pantry   9.60          10.79

     Just to answer questions ahead of time, the beans are instant because they cook in only 20 MINUTES!!! The ice cream is made to eat in its Freeze Dried state and the yogurt can go both ways and is cheaper than Name brand baby yogurt bites so you could make a little "baby trail mix" with them by mixing yogurt bits and fruit pieces. The great thing about them is adults can't stop eating them either.  The staff at Shelf Reliance really outdid themselves with all of the wonderful flavors they've come up with.  Pomegranite is my personal favorite.  If you would like to try some, let me know!

Hope you're having a fantastic weekend!!!



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