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Springs New Sales!

Shelf Reliance Mom: Springs New Sales!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Springs New Sales!

This sale has ended, but better ones are on the here to view the current Current Sales and newly released products.  To be the first to know about unadvertised deals, you can join my blog email or email me directly at TiffsTreasures (at) mail (dot) com.

I wanted to post all of the new sales happening as of today, but I don't have time yet to post the percentages of discounts. I will try to add them through out the week. Thank you for your patience!
Food on sale for this month:

Apple Slices...20 % off...12.29
Broccoli...20% off...15.39
Dehydrate Onions...20 % off...10.89
Pearled Barley...19 % off ...5.89
Germade... 19 % off ...6.79
White Rice ... 19% off... 7.59
Small White Navy Beans ... 20 % off ...9.89
Beef Bouillon ... 20 % off...21.39

Anyone who is a Q member.....Exclusive Sale!!!

Mixed Bell Peppers.... 32% off ...10.57

If you would like a copy of the new price list, please write me at and I would be more than happy to forward you the list.  If you know that you want to shop, you can go to and it will give you the discounted price rather than paying the full retail price online!

 Oh, by the way, when stocking up on your food storage, please don't forget to buy necessities like toilet paper and deodorant as well.  Right now Alberstons has their Charmin toilet paper on sale for 4.99.  At Walmart it is 5.97 so that is already significant savings, but if you have a .25 coupon for Charmin and have it quadrupled at Albertsons then you get a pack of TP for 3.99.... now can you really pass that deal up?

Also, for those of you who can your own chicken, the chicken at Lowe's is the cheapest price I've seen it in over a year.  It is $1.29 for the boneless skinless chicken breasts (usually close to $2/lb) so get canning people!



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