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AMAZING THRIVE Food and Water Storage Package SALE!!!

Shelf Reliance Mom: AMAZING THRIVE Food and Water Storage Package SALE!!!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

AMAZING THRIVE Food and Water Storage Package SALE!!!

Sorry, this sale is over.
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Starting Monday, March 28th a new package, called the Food and Water Storage package will go on sale for $973. It's only $15.99 to ship to anywhere in the USA!  This package usually costs $1399.99 when purchased online so it is an amazing deal.  My favorite part is that it comes with the water barrel set and wheat grinder absolutely FREE!!!

The sale is good now through April 17th while supplies last. However, starting April 1st Shelf Reliance will begin charging tax so if you'd like to save that additional amount of money, order before April 1st and and live outside of Utah, tax is on us!

Also as an added bonus, I will be giving you my benefits of $97 in free Retail product as well as up to $150 in half off product to thank you for ordering through me.  Please note that this deal of cashing in on my benefits is only for the first week of the sale. This one will sell out like crazy!

What is in the Shelf Reliance THRIVE Food and Water Storage Package?

The Food and Water Storage Package contains:

6 cans #10 Instant White Rice
6 cans #10 Hard White Winter Wheat
4 cans #10 Potato Chunks
6 cans #10 6 Grain Pancake Mix 6 Cans
3 cans #10 Elbow Macaroni
3 cans #10 Cornmeal
3 cans #10 Quick Oats
3 cans #10 Potato Beads
6 cans #10 Sweet Corn FD
6 cans #10 Green Peas FD
2 cans #10 Cheese Blend
3 cans #10 Broccoli FD
3 cans #10 Raspberries FD
2 cans #10 Strawberries FD
6 cans #10 Apple Chips
3 cans #10 Carrot Dices
3 cans #10 Mixed Bell Peppers
6 cans #10 Powdered Milk
4 cans #10 Chocolate Drink Mix
2 cans #10 Bacon TVP
2 cans #10 Beef TVP
2 cans #10 Chicken TVP
2 cans #10 Taco TVP
2 cans #10 Pinto Beans
2 cans #10 Black Beans
1 can #10 Kidney Beans
1 can #10 Orange Drink
1 can #10 Whole Eggs
1 Grain Mill Wheat Grinder
1 55 Gallon Water Container
1 Siphon Pump
1 Barrel Buddies ll
1 Aquamira Water Treatment 2 oz
Added Peace of Mind-okay so I think that's included but don't look for it as an item in the shipment!

That is 96 #10 cans of food and it provides over 2000 calories a day for 1 person for 6 months or 2 people for 3 months or 3 people for 2 months.

The Water Kit alone retails at 109.99 and the Wheat Grinder at 79.99 so that would put the rest of the #10 cans averaging at only a little over $8 a piece!  Please note that you can only get this fantastic price through a consultant so if you want to cash in on this deal you must call (575) 621-0274 or email me at to get this price.  Also, if you have family members you know would be interested in this deal, you can send them the information.  If they buy the package, I will book their sale to your benefits and give you the benefits for their sale as well.  Just make sure you delete the part at the top which says they will get 97 in free product and 150 in half off product.

As noted above, Shelf Reliance will begin charging sales tax on April 1st.  What does this mean for you?  If you want to take advantage of the "extra" discount, I would order any items that you were sitting on the fence about previously before that date and have SR pay the shipping for you.  I know many people have bought a Harvest shelf, 72 hour kits, Solar flashlight/radio, wheat grinders...etc.  If you were wanting to see what more you were considering, please go to .  Please email me if you have any questions.  Thanks!

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