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The NEW Q!

Shelf Reliance Mom: The NEW Q!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The NEW Q!

The New Q has several advantages over the previous version.  It is more navigable, fresh looking and meal friendly. Check out a few reasons why:
     1. The simple green click to add button makes it so effortless to put products in the cart.
     2. Monthly Specials are highlighted there on the dashboard so you can see at a glance if you'd like to use the monthly coupons in your grocery cart.
     3. As requested by thousands of customers, emergency products, shelving and other non-food items can now be added to the Q to be shipped with your food.  The REALLY cool thing about that, is if you are on the Q-Club (which will now be free for anyone with a budget greater than $100), you earn Q points towards free product off of these non-food items as well!
     4.You can also see what Thrive Life has added to their wide variety of products since your last order by viewing the New Products tab.

Adding products is a breeze now as you are able to stay on the same page after hitting the green add button. You will then have a pop-up which allows you to choose the desired package size.

Finally, the new Q will allow you to create whole meal plans and to shop by our online recipe database with just a few clicks.  You are able to search for product type, meal type, food allergies, time it takes to make the dish and ingredient wanted to find delicious, tested recipes your family will love.  Click the Advanced Search link to start searching to find what you need.  Click on the green my Q I have circled to be taken to the meal planning page.

Well, this is only a basic line up, but as you can see, this program has gone through some big changes.  Want to check the Q?  We hope that you will enjoy it when it becomes available to the public on April 1st.    You are welcome to watch this short video about the basics.

Finally, here are the points that you can earn from being on the Q-Club.  The different levels or tiers will no longer exist... it will either be that you are on the Q Club or not.  Anyone with a budget over $100 gets this membership free automatically upon sign up.  To stay on the Q-Club, you only need to make at least 11 shipments a year.  Thrive Life will send you a reminder email if you are behind on shipments and there are no penalties at anytime for stopping.

Click to be taken to the site with clearer images.

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