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VIva Italia! Outstanding Product Announcements

Shelf Reliance Mom: VIva Italia! Outstanding Product Announcements

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

VIva Italia! Outstanding Product Announcements

The much anticipated event of convention has FINALLY come and gone.  With it came many announcements including the new company name Meilea mentioned yesterday.  I feel like although it is a very fitting change, it was a lot to take it.  When the founders first begun their journey 8 years ago, their only ambition was to make a self rotating food shelf- thus Shelf Reliance.  Now, our company is sooo much more.  With freeze dried food, emergency products, the Q and other products being added everyday, SR has become more than a shelf, it has become a lifestyle. We hope that you will join us in our quest to help our top-notch product become a beloved household name.

Along with the new name, some fantastic new products and tools were released.  We will be going over these in the next couple of days.  First on the list are our new Gluten Free, Freeze Dried Spices! There are 9 in total:
Basil, CilantroParsley, Oregano, ChivesPeppercorn, Italian Seasoning BlendSalad Seasoning Blend, and my personal favorite... Chef's Choice aka THRIVE Spice.  I know many of you have wondered how to get your hands on the special blend he uses to garnish many of his Thrive Live (Now Thrive it UP!) recipes...well here it is.  We all know that spices tend to lose their flavor over time, but these spices have a sealed shelf life of 25 years just like most of our other products so you will not have to worry about seasoning going bad once you've got your THRIVE supply!

Next... you requested, Chef Todd obliged.  These 4 Gluten Free, GMO free, Just-Add-Water sauces were created in house by our very own Thrive Life Staff.  At convention we were able to test each of them and WOW were they amazing. The 4 sauces include:

Bechamel: Creamy White Sauce
Veloute: Rich Chicken Gravy
Espagnole: Savorty Beef Gravy
Tomato: Classic Tomato Sauce

This 4 pack of sauces is just waiting to transform your dish from good to AMAZING!

These are all of the product announcements for today, but stay tuned to learn more about our New Q program that allows you to grocery shop and organize your menu at the click of a button.

Thanks for stopping by!

Question of the Day:
What product are you most excited to try? What do you hope they introduce next year?

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