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THRIVE Express - Convenience at your fingertips

Shelf Reliance Mom: THRIVE Express - Convenience at your fingertips

Friday, April 20, 2012

THRIVE Express - Convenience at your fingertips

These meals and other new products will be available to Q customers soon. All but the THRIVE EXPRESS will be available starting April 26th. If you'd like to be first in line to try these meals before they've even been released, you can come join me at one of my upcoming food demonstrations. There will be one in Ruidoso, NM April 28th, Las Cruces, NM May 11th and Carlsbad NM on May 19th. Hope to see you there.

If you are ready to be on the Q but need some help learning how to use these products, you might be interested in the Smart Start Pack. The Smart Start Pack is a series of 3 shipments to help you jumpstart your food storage plans. It comes with a large variety of pantry cans that you can refill from your larger cans later, as well as a recipe book and meal plan developed by our very own Chef Todd. This Smart Start Pack ALSO comes with each of the THRIVE express meals so you can taste what all of the fuss is about! Email me at to request a flyer with more information about this package.

I have a free new mailing list that allows you to receive just the information that you need. Interested in new recipes, new product releases, sales? You got it. Check it out, here.

Have an awesome day and Go Realize your thriving life!

Shelf Reliance Mom

Tiffany Daumueller

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