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Restaurant Style-Fluffy Banana French Toast

Shelf Reliance Mom: Restaurant Style-Fluffy Banana French Toast

Friday, April 6, 2012

Restaurant Style-Fluffy Banana French Toast

I love French Toast, but I'm not so much a fan of soggy bread or of slimy messes. Bleh.  Plus, there is always a debate on which type of bread you need to buy in order to make it thick and delicious.  Would you believe it if I told you that I have found a way to make cheap store brand wheat bread taste amazing as french toast?

I stumbled upon a recipe on that I knew I needed to not only make food storage friendly, but also more flavorful.  I think you will all agree that this recipe ROCKS! I know that the batter doesn't look super appealing, but I wanted to post a picture so that way when you are making it and say, oh no what did I do wrong, you'll know its supposed to look that way!
This is a double batch so I made it in a 9x13 pan.
My kids went through piece after piece the first time I made this recipe.  As if that wasn't good enough.... another thing that sets this recipe apart as a stand out recipe is that it freezes or refrigerates well.  Yep, you can be super mom just by having a 'Gimme my Eggo' quickness, but have a healthy filling breakfast rather than store bought waffles.  After making a large batch of these, just get a cookie sheet and lay pieces of French Toast flat on the cookie sheet and freeze them for about an hour.  Stick them in a freezer bag, label and date them and you are all set.  These should last in the freezer for a few months, although I haven't ever been able to get them to last that long because my family goes through these like crazy.  To reheat, just stick them in the toaster, microwave or oven.  They're not fickle.

They can be served with whatever your topping of choice may be. My son prefers "regular brown syrup" with these, but I like to make an easy go-to fruit syrup. Just spreading butter with sprinkled powdered sugar is also a hit.  On special occasions we like to do a fruit syrup, cut up fresh bananas and berries and top it with whipped cream. Yum.
Can you see the texture. Super thick but not soggy.  Perfect.
When we need to eat on the run, I will cut the toast into 3 strips and make little French Toast Dippers and give my kiddos a tiny cup of syrup that into which they can dip the "Dippers".


Restaurant Style: Fluffy Banana French Toast
2 c Water                                                   
3 T THRIVE Instant Milk                 11/2 t Vanilla
1 c Flour  (I use whole wheat flour)   Pinch of Salt
1/2 c THRIVE Egg Powder              2 T Sugar
1/2 c THRIVE FD Bananas              1 t Cinnamon
16-20 Slices of Bread                     
 2 Dashes of Nutmeg & Clove

Crush bananas (or food process) into powder. Empty into an 8x8 dish.  Add remaining dry ingredients (Instant Milk powder, four, egg powder, cinnamon, salt, nutmeg, clove, sugar). Whisk powders together then add water in slowly. Add vanilla.  Mix should be THICK! Heat up skillet, spray with non-stick cooking spray.  Dip each side of bread in mix then cook on skillet.

Mix it up!  I like to add coconut extra instead of vanilla and it is FANTASTIC! Instead of putting cinnamon in the mix, many times I will leave it out, then sprinkle it onto the individual pieces of toast as they are cooking on the skillet.

Don't have food storage, but you want to give it a try?

Original Recipe:
1/4 c flour                  1/2 t cinnamon
1 c milk                      1 t vanilla
1 pinch salt                 1 T sugar
3 eggs                        12 slices of bread

Slowly whisk milk into flour in a mixing bowl.  Whisk in remaining ingredients until smooth.  Mix before dipping each slice of bread.

The way I did it:
1 banana, mashed       1 T sugar
1/4 c flour                   1 t coconut extract
1 c milk                      1 dash nutmeg
1 pinch salt                 1 dash cloves
3 eggs                        12 slices of bread
           cinnamon shaker

Mash banana in an 8x8 mixing dish. Slowly whisk milk into flour in a mixing bowl.  Whisk in remaining ingredients except cinnamon until smooth.  Add ingredients to banana in 8x8 mixing dishes.  Mix before dipping each slice of bread. While cooking on skillet, sprinkle each individual piece of toast with cinnamon.

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