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2012 Black Friday - Complete Details - Spread the Word!

Shelf Reliance Mom: 2012 Black Friday - Complete Details - Spread the Word!

Friday, November 18, 2011

2012 Black Friday - Complete Details - Spread the Word!

This link will go to the actual sale site once the sale has begun, currently it goes to the complete flyer.  Spread the word
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Announcing Shelf Reliance's biggest sale of the year.
It's the 2012 Black Friday Sale -ebration!!!!

Take me straight to the sales! - What can I do to prepare? - How Can I Earn Free Food With this Sale?

Black Friday FAQs:
Is the Shelf Reliance Black Friday sale available for everyone?
Yes, anyone can participate in these sales, however, it is not available on the general website.  If you do not currently have a Shelf Reliance Consultant, or are unsure, please email me at with your first and last name and email you would like connected to the discount site.

How Do I Earn Free Food?
It is really easy!  Help me spread the word and I will be setting up online events for all of you across cyber world who are willing to share this fantastic deal with all of your friends and family members.  You can earn all the free and half priced food known as "host benefits" which you'd regularly get at a party straight from your own home. Email me for full details with the subject line BLACK FRIDAY 2012.

Why should I choose you as my consultant?
I have been with Shelf Reliance for 2 years and have been using and storing food storage for much longer than that.  I am very knowledgeable about our product and price comparing and I will be able to guarantee that you get what you need for your family for the best that I can offer.

How do I participate in the free gift raffle?
I am doing a personal raffle as a thank you for those of you who participate in sharing the preparedness message.  With all of the disasters that have been occurring this year I've become very aware that there are so many people in need of assistance who need to wake up.   My plan is to donate 50% of the commissions made from this event to Humanitarian Aid.  If you help me reach this goal, I will be putting your name in the drawing.  I will be creating a post tonight with details on the point system.

If I am a Q member, can I add these cheaper items to my Q?
Certainly.  Just be sure to change the ship date to be one of those that are during the sale (Nov 23-26).
If you haven't heard of the Q, here are the details:

Ready to set building a "Home Store" as a priority? You can click this link and start getting the exclusive Q-club member sales today as well as accrue points for money spent to earn free food.  Too busy to fill out the info?  I'll set a Q up for you so all you'll need to do is choose your budget and the start date.

What is on Sale?
Click the picture to be taken to the link so you can print these out for friends and family members.
Be sure to include my contact info so you can get the credit for the sale.

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