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Unfortunate Things to Think About

Shelf Reliance Mom: Unfortunate Things to Think About

Friday, November 11, 2011

Unfortunate Things to Think About

Diva Cups
Its an unfortunate part of preparedness that we'd all prefer not to think of, nevertheless, here it is. After the freeze we had here in February, I decided I never wanted to be caught without menstruation tools. I bought lots of boxes of tampons and had it filling my cabinet under the sink. When I was talking to a friend about how I was frustrated about this, she mentioned the Diva Cupor the "Moon Cup".  It turns out that there are a host of different cup sizes and reusable pads that allow you to be set in that department without having to fill up a ton of space with expensive disposable products. The other great thing is you will be helping the environment too! To think of all of the stuff in the landfill sitting around from me alone...its pretty disgusting. Anyway...hope this rocks your world as much as it did mine. No more having to pack “lite” verses “heavy” materials or worry about leaking. I also thought it would be weird having to use this awkward product, but to be perfectly honest with you, you can't even feel it once its in.  To feel prepared in this department, just Google reusable menstrual pads or cups and you will be able to figure out the size and options that work best for you.



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