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Do cubes of Tomato make you smile? Me too.

Shelf Reliance Mom: Do cubes of Tomato make you smile? Me too.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Do cubes of Tomato make you smile? Me too.

At the Opportunity Meeting in Albuquerque last night we got to taste this brand new product. They are so flavorful that I can snack on them right out of the can. Of the 3 new veggies, they were my husband's favorite. In August I did a Meal in Minutes class with a bunch of friends from my church. We were able to make quite a few things that were meals in a mylar bag after mixing SR things together. The one ingredient that we had to left out was the lonesome little tomato dices. I stocked up on cans of diced tomatoes but they are very heavy and take a lot of space on my shelf. I was so thrilled to see Tomato Dices on the list now with the thoughts of all of the meals I will now completely be able to make with dry ingredients. Taco Soup, Mexican Zucchini Soup, Mexican Rice, Salsa, Stews, Chunky Spaghetti Sauce for lasagna, …

What's your favorite recipe that calls for diced tomatoes?



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