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Eggs Pack a Powerful Punch

Shelf Reliance Mom: Eggs Pack a Powerful Punch

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Eggs Pack a Powerful Punch

Although I don't remember everything from my freshman year in college, I will never forget learning in biology that eggs were a perfect, complete non-meat protein.  Why does that matter my friends?  Well, back then I HATED, I mean HATED beans.  This is probably silly coming from a girl who encourages you to put beans in your desserts now. But what can I say, I was extremely misguided.

Anyway, what I'm trying to get at is that if you have a little picky eater who will not eat beans yet and you haven't learned how to sneak them into other food, this is a great way to make sure they have their protein.  And as you all are already well aware, I love our eggs!

Now, this is not the only 12 pack I am able to offer.  For all of you no joke preppers, there is a list at the bottom of all of the 12 packs Shelf Reliance lets me offer at an incredible price. This is a limited time sale.  A new price list is coming October 2nd, so stay tuned in case the price changes.

Click Here to find out more about
Whole Egg Powder
(12) Whole Egg Powder #10

This saves you about $6.50 per can as compared to buying them individually.  So... a savings of almost $80 overall is not too shabby!

(I bet I surprised you with the contents of that package, huh?!)

If you know you need eggs, but aren't planning to provide protein for many people, the Baking Essentials package might be just what you need.  It gives you a little variety by also letting you try some of the other things that make baking yummy. (AKA butter and shortening) This is another one of the packages that are emptying our shelves as of late.

(3) Instant Milk
(1) Butter Powder
(1) Shortening Powder
(1) Whole Egg Powder

When compared to buying it online, this is like paying for just the Instant Milk and Butter Powder and getting the Shortening Powder and Whole Egg Powder for FREE!!!

Plus, you'll really want shortening to make homemade tortillas.

While we're talking baking... tomorrow I will explain why I don't like Bisquick

OTHER 12 PACKS THAT MIGHT ROCK YOUR WORLD while supplies last.  New pricelist coming October 2nd.
Chicken $372.49 *(You save over $50)
Ground Beef $418.99 *(You save over $75)
Roast Beef $409.69 *(You save over $180)
Cheese (6 Mozzarella, 6 Cheddar) $372.49 * (You save almost $100)

*When compared to buying the cans individually online.

Check out my thoughts on FD Meat here.

Shelf Reliance Eggs are the best.  Have you heard about our new THRIVE Scrambled Egg Mix?  YUMMO!

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If you are wondering what other sales does Shelf Reliance have?  You can check out this post with instructions on how to get the best pricing on all of our products or email me at

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