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Shine On!

Shelf Reliance Mom: Shine On!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Shine On!

A big part of preparedness that is often forgotten is how to survive should the power grid go down. You could lose power for a number of reasons.  So whether its do to a natural disaster, or some sort of attack on the our utilities, or the economy acting wonky and forcing us to do without things that have become too expensive, I believe its important for these events.

What are some of the main things we use electricity for?

If you said light or cooking, you win!

I will just be introducing two products that will assist you in these fields.  If you are looking for other excellent products, something I've been very impressed with so far is the Sun Oven for cooking and Solar Radio for communication.  Please read more about the Sun Oven here or Solar Radio here..

To order any of these products, simply click on the picture to be taken to my discount website.  Please log in using your email rather than as a guest to get maximum discount pricing.


Solar Crank Lanter

This 12 LED lantern is popular due to its easiness to use around children.
No worrying about oil spilling and causing a fire or getting to hot for a child to touch.  
Because it is solar and crank operated, you won't have to worry about storing enough oil to last for long periods of time, or rotating oil so it won't go bad.  
There are a few reviews on the website as well.

For more details, you can watch this quick video.


Crank Blender
Have you thought about what you are going to do when it comes to food prep?
We use our food processor ALL the time.  Really, its probably one of my most used appliances
I love this crank blender because it has 2 speeds and comes with the clamp to hold it down to the surface so you can really put your back into the cranking process :)

Here is a video I found about someone experiencing the crank blender for the first time. 
I apologize for the music.  Please put on silent!

Coming up tomorrow...Say Cheese!

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What solar or crank emergency supplies have you used?  What would you like to learn more about?

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