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Say Cheese!

Shelf Reliance Mom: Say Cheese!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Say Cheese!

As promised, I am going to let you in on more of the fantastic sales going on.  I know that the new price list is coming out on October 2nd, but do not yet know what things are going up or down, so I would suggest if any of these sales call out to you that you grab them before they are gone!
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Okay, tell me honestly, what would your life be like without cheese?  When I talk to people who have had to go Dairy-free, the most commonly missed food item is almost invariably cheese.

It is the magic in most casseroles and in many soups.  I love it in salad and of course quesadillas or grilled cheese- make that most sandwiches.  So what is life without cheese? Nothing.

Maybe that's a little dramatic.  Let's just say life is slightly empty.

On to the sale...

For sale is a case of THRIVE's top quality Cheese Variety Pack.  This pack contains #10 cans of the following;
(3) FD Cheddar Cheese (*a savings of $5 off retail each)
(1) FD Monterey Cheese (*a savings of almost $6 off retail)
(1) FD Mozzarella Cheese (*a savings of $1 off retail)
(1) FD Colby Cheese (*a savings of almost $8 retail)

This averages out to $41.99 a piece or in Colby's case 1.058 per oz.  When buying an individual can of Colby Cheese* it is 1.254 per oz so this is a significant savings.

*Compared to buying individually at retail pricing.

Unfortunately, these deals are only available for the contiguous US.  Please go here for the shipping and return policies.


1. Email me giving me your first and last name and the area to which Shelf Reliance will be shipping the food.

2. Wait for my response either giving you a password for my discount site, or notifying you that your information has been switched as well as attaching all current sales.

3. Write me back and let me know which sales you are most interested in and a good time to call you back so we can place the order.  Tada! Big savings without a lot of effort :)

Optional 4th step.  Become a walking coupon and share my website with your friends.  You can earn up to 10% in free product of referral credit.  Here's the full chart.

Tomorrow I'm going to fill you in on ALOT more sales.

Tell me, what is your favorite food that includes cheese?

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