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Earn an Aquapod for FREE

Shelf Reliance Mom: Earn an Aquapod for FREE

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Earn an Aquapod for FREE

As you all pretty well know, I am a huge believer in having water storage in case of hurricane, earthquake, or other natural disaster that may mess up the water supply.  These Aquapods are brilliant and right now they are super cheap.  To get in on the deal, you just click this link and you get it automatically for 40% off of retail.  Want to earn it for free?  After you purchase it, it will give you a link that you can email to others, post on Facebook, or post on your blog.  For each person who buys off of your link, you get 10% back.  You don't have to get all 10 people to earn a discount, just if you want it for free.  If you know even just 2 people who'd be interested, that's 20% off.  Fantastic deal!!!  I love saving money ;)

If you purchase one off of my link it would be much appreciated!  Here's a video that tells you more about how the product works.

This deal is going quickly, they sold about 12% in the last hour!

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