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VOLCANO STOVES- A great alternative way to cook

Shelf Reliance Mom: VOLCANO STOVES- A great alternative way to cook

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

VOLCANO STOVES- A great alternative way to cook

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Good News.... Shelf Reliance will now be selling the Volcano Stove.  You can earn it for free through online sales.
Sometimes I find deals that are not from Shelf Reliance and they REALLY open my eyes.  This has been on my wishlist for quite some time due to its ability to use wood, charcoal or propane to cook!  It uses the fuel efficiently so there is not a lot of excess heat coming around it and you can cook a whole meal with just a handful of coal.  It is large enough to fit a dutch oven or comes with wire racks so you can grill and skewers too!  These are typically almost $200 plus almost $50 to buy the propane converter kit.  You can verify that we the links I'll have at the bottom of the article.  To save 40% on a Volcano Stove, just click here.

While I wouldn't recommend standing on it, it looks like these things are pretty strong and built to last!

Not sure what a volcano stove is, or what it does, here's some videos for ya!

You can verify that this is indeed an awesome sale by going here or even going to ebay or amazon.  Its the real deal ladies and gentlemen!  Make sure when you are price comparing that you see that the kit has the WHOLE thing including the propane attachments.  If you find it cheaper, let me know ;)



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