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Grand Opening Exclusive Sale! September 1-5

Shelf Reliance Mom: Grand Opening Exclusive Sale! September 1-5

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Grand Opening Exclusive Sale! September 1-5

This sale is back and better than fact it's even cheaper.  Please go here for information on the current sale. To be first to find out about newly released products you can join my free email list or email me at to get information on unadvertised deals.

Grand Opening Sale - Full Price List
 ***If you are interested in earning free food for spreading the word, click here.  Everything is on sale, the following just represents the greatest sales in each of the respective sections!  You won't need a coupon because I'm your coupon.

Our Best Shelving Deals!

Our most popular shelf, The Harvest 72" $459.99 now $251.74*
Our newest model that has 6 rows and holds all small cans, Harvest 78" $459.99 now $261.25*
Harvest 72" Holds all #10 cans $459.99 now $251.74*
The new Under the Bed Storage is now available which will regularly be $99.99 is now on sale for $75.99*
Cansolidator Cupboard fits right in your pantry and can hold 20 small cans in small area! Only $20.42*

(It might be shameful to admit, but I have one regular Harvest and one #10 Harvest...hmm....maybe I should start looking at another one ;)


Banana Slices $28.79 now $23.27
Blackberries $38.19 now $32.67
Blueberries $39.89 now $34.19
Mangoes $25.49 now $20.19
Pineapple Chunk$37.69 now $32.29*

The fruit is my favorite.  The kids and I snack on it daily! Wondering what to do with it, here are a few ideas: Granola, Trail Mix, Pancakes & Toppings or grind it in to powder for baby food or a myriad of other things.


Carrot Dices $17.09 now $13.86
Celery $22.79 now $19.56
Green Beans $15.99 now $13.69
Garden Seeds $41.39 now $35.43*
Mushroom Pieces $20.49 now $17.57
Spinach $17.69 now $15.19
Tomato Powder $35.19 now $28.99*


(All #10 can sizes)
Butter Powder: now $20.19
Shortening Powder: now $11.58
Brown Sugar: now $9.40
Powdered Sugar now $8.26
Baking Soda now $8.54
Baking Powder now $16.81


(All #10 can sizes)
Rice Flour: now $7.39

Amaranth:  now $11.00
Cornmeal:  now $7.40
Millet now $9.39
Quinoa: now  $24.69


(All #10 can sizes)
Quick Oats$6.59 now $5.69
White Flour$7.69 now $6.26
Hard White Winter Wheat$7.79 now $6.74
Whole Wheat Flour $8.39 now $7.21
White Rice$9.59 now  $7.78
Instant White Rice $11.39 now $8.73
6 Grain Pancake Mix $10.99 now $9.40


Blueberry $37.39 now $33.35*
Orange $38.69 now $34.54*
Passionfruit $33.89 now $30.28
Pomegranate $33.89 now $30.28
Strawberry $33.89 now $30.28
Vanilla $37.29 now $33.25

Once again...Trail Mix is extremely popular.

CHEESE and other DAIRY

Cheddar $42.79 now $36.66
Colby $49.19 now $42.08
Monterey Jack $47.29 now $40.46
Mozzarella $41.49 now $35.52
Cheese Blend $28.39  now 22.56
Sour Cream Powder $25.19 now $21.56


FD Chicken $37.49 now $32.10
FD Ground Beef $44.69 now $38.28
FD Ham Dices $53.29 now $45.59
FD Roast Beef $45.69 now $40.78
FD Sausage Crumbles $43.79 now $37.52
Powdered Eggs $23.29 now $19.94


Baked Potato Cheese Soup $41.39 now $35.43
Beefy Chili $41.19 now $35.24
Broccoli Cheese Soup $41.89 now $33.25
Cheesy Potatoes $28.69 now $24.60
Chicken Curry $37.89 now $32.48
Creamy Tomato Chicken $37.89 now $32.48
Chicken Noodle Soup $29.19 now $26.40
Dijon Chicken $37.89 now $32.48
Mesquite BBQ Chicken $41.39 now $35.43
Sweet Pepper Beef Steak $36.19 now $30.96
Vegetable Risotto $30.39 now $26.02


Fudge Brownies $15.69 now $13.48
Neapolitan Bits Ice Cream $47.99 now $41.03
Ice Cream Sandwiches $26.99 now $23.08
Macaroons $16.69 now $13.26


Freeze Dried Meat 6 pack $282.89 now $231.79
Mixed Berry 6 pack $198.79 now $162.44
Entree Soup 6 pack $224.89 now $184.29
Entree  6 pack $212.19 now $173.84

1 Year Deluxe family of 5 with 2 Harvest shelves$7,657.49 now $5,674.34 savings of $1,983.15
1 Year Deluxe 1 person with 1 Harvest shelf $2208.39 now $1636.84 savings of $571.55

Start your monthly Q within this 5 day sale and add all these sale items all you can to get the most out of your budget!! Email me if you need help starting your Q!

Go to: and click THE Q to get started.

If you start at a $100 budget or more, you get FREE Platinum Status which gives you monthly deep discounts as well as exclusive products, coupons and gifts!

***If you are interested in earning your choice of a 2 of the following(A retail value of almost $80) : 1 free can of FD Pineapple and FD Yogurt, THRIVE cookbook or FD Onions just for sharing the news of the sale, here's what you've got to do: 

1. Email me and ask for a copy of the price list for the Grand Opening Sale running September 1-5. (2 entries)

2. Email it to as many friends as you'd like, heck you can let the world know, BUT please add me to the list to so I can see how many people you emailed it to. (1 entry for each person you forward it to)Plus you can earn half off and free credit for each person you inform about the sale that makes a purchase since I'll be doing online parties.

3. "Like Me" on Facebook. (1 entry)

4. Follow my blog. (3 entries)

5. Facebook the link to my website and have this quotation with it: "Shelf Reliance is having a Grand Opening Sale with items up to 25% off.  It's their biggest sale of the year.  You can go to this website like I did to get the biggest discount available." (5 entries)

6. Later on, Facebook a link to my blog so they can join in on the fun sweepstakes. (5 entries)  Make sure you leave a link in the comments so I can go look at your page and see that you posted it!

7. I'd like to hear what the most popular choices are so I know best what to offer in the future, so please post your choices as a comment below this blog.  (ie. If you were going to choose 1 Pomegranite Yogurt and 1 Pineapple, let me know in the comment section)  

If anyone reaches over 100 entries, I will automatically throw in a free THRIVE cookbook bringing the package retail value to just over $100.

-Shelf Reliance Mom

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