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If you can, can- Can-solidator Pantry

Shelf Reliance Mom: If you can, can- Can-solidator Pantry

Friday, June 10, 2011

If you can, can- Can-solidator Pantry

Day 10- Winning Free Stuff is Always Fun
Continuing forward with the 30 Days of Faves I'd like to offer everyone a chance to win something amazing!  Keep reading for details.  You can read on below to learn more about another can rotator we offer for people who don't have room for a shelf in their home. Read on below!

Many people love to buy food, but have no place to store it.  I am giving away one of these fantastic shelves July 1st.  That means you have now through June 30th to enter.  If you don't have room for one of these and would prefer some of the smaller shelves that we sell that go on your existing shelves (like I describe in the post), I'd be more than happy to oblige.  Here's how to qualify:

Easy ways to earn tickets into this raffle:
1. Follow me on the blog by clicking on the Follow button. (25 tickets)
2. Like me on Facebook by clicking here. (25 tickets)
3. Join the Q and get 1 ticket for every dollar you commit to the Q
each month by clicking here.
4. Make a purchase online by clicking here (100 tickets)
5. Host an online party and get tickets for each of your friends on the Q.
For each friend that you email contest details to, you will receive another entry.  If you invite FB friends to "like" my page, leave a comment with the number of people whom you invited so I know how many more tickets to give you....honor system.  Example letter below.

Example Letter
Dear Friends and Family,
I am entering a contest to win a free can rotation system and thought you might be interested in winning one.  It is really easy to earn tickets.  For details, just go to
For each person you forward this to, you also get
another free entry as long as you add to the recipients.  Good luck everyone!

Now for details on the Cansolidator Pantry:

The Cansolidator Pantry is one of many food rotational systems which Shelf Reliance has developed to help you have more organized and fresh food.  It works by having you insert newer product on the top and rolling the older product to the bottom in First In, First Out fashion.  No more having a tower of cans fall over when you need something or opening up a can of expired spoiling soup.
Here's a diagram of how it works!

I love that you can adjust the racks to fit whatever type of food you need whether its tuna cans, chicken noodle soup or green beans.  Also, its nice being able to add on to whatever rack you buy so you can place more cans with your current system.  For an idea of some of the other can rotation systems we sell, click here.

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