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Cheapest Prices of the Summer! 4th of July THRIVE Sale

Shelf Reliance Mom: Cheapest Prices of the Summer! 4th of July THRIVE Sale

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Cheapest Prices of the Summer! 4th of July THRIVE Sale

This sale has ended, but better ones are on the here to view the current Deals and Promotions and newly released products.  To automatically be notified of new sales, you can sign up for the blog email or email me directly at TiffsTreasures (at) gmail (dot) com to receive a discount password onto the Shelf Reliance site.

For the 30 Days of Faves my final favorite is the sales.  Maybe that's cheating...but I love them.  They do a special sale for their Q Club Members each month, typically they have a large special seasonal sale, and sometimes they have sales on specific packages that are just incredible.  For the next 5 days, it is the best sale of the summer for the 4th of July THRIVE Sale.  If you like the sales you see on this page, then you will really like it when go to the product.  It will take an additional discount off of the product because you will be on my consultant website rather than the general website.

My favorite product being showcased on this sale are the Instant Beans.  I love these because they've already been presoaked and partially cooked to where they only take 15 minutes to cook in your favorite dish.  That means even if you haven't planned a dinner, you can add these, a couple veggies and meats and you have yourself a homemade stew in minutes. They are WONDERFUL!  They can still be used in a crockpot, cook some up for a side dish, make some to go with taco salad, bean good.

Other exciting parts of the sale:

Have you been interested in becoming a consultant? The packages are now being offered at the cheapest price I've ever seen for the company.  The basic package is going for only $159 now through July 5th! If you go to the sale landing page, it will show you the package discounts of up to 20%.

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