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Doughn't you like Homemade Pizza?

Shelf Reliance Mom: Doughn't you like Homemade Pizza?

Monday, June 20, 2011

Doughn't you like Homemade Pizza?

I am a huge fan of homemade pizza and have a few recipes for the crust that I absolutely adore.  I received two this week that I haven't got to try yet, but here is one that is getting rave reviews...can't wait to try it out.

This is from Jamie at

Pizza Dough

My family has become spoiled!  I make home made pizza once a week.  I know your probably thinking pizza isn't very healthy.  I have made a healthier pizza that my fam LOVES!  I make a whole wheat crust and add veggies for the toppings.  I got this recipe from my fave blog  Here is a video showing how to make the dough.  Krystal is making bread sticks but also talks about how to make the dough into pizza.  One thing I do different from Krystal is I don't put butter on my cookie sheet (cut calories) I spray mine with pam instead.  I also don`t let my dough rise.  I just put it in the oven right away.

2 in 1 Pizza Dough & Bread Sticks

2 1/2 C. Medium Hot Water
5 tsp. SAF Instant Yeast*
2 Tbsp. THRIVE Sugar
Let the yeast rise.


3 Tbsp. Oil
1 tsp. THRIVE Salt
6 C. THRIVE Flour (I do 100% whole wheat but you can use any variation of white or wheat flour)

Note:  This recipe will make 2 cookie sheets of pizza or 1 pizza and 1 bread stick.  Or you can 1/2 the recipe and just have 1 bread stick or pizza.  Any of the THRIVE ingredients can be exchanged for other brands.


Cheese, olives, THRIVE mushrooms, THRIVE mixed peppers, THRIVE oinions, THRIVE Spinach THRIVE sausage (FD or TVP), THRIVE ground beef, THRIVE ham & FD pineapple (Hawaiian pizza).  The sky is the limit as far as toppings go.  Several THRIVE ingredients will go perfect for toppings.

Put dough directly onto a pam sprayed cookie sheet or pizza pan.  Spread with your fingers.  No need to flour your counter or dirty your rolling pin!

Before I start making my dough I take a SMALL bowl and add a few Tbs of oil and several crushed/minced garlic cloves and mix it together.  When I take my pizza dough out of the oven to top it I brush on the oil mixture.  Bake 400 deg for about 7-10 minutes (for pizza) 10-12 minutes for bread sticks or until desired browning is accomplished for bread sticks.  Baking the dough prior to topping it for the pizza keeps the dough from being soggy.

 For pizza take out of oven and top with your fave toppings.  I top ours with cheese, mushrooms, olives, chopped peppers and sometimes broccoli.  Then put it back in the oven just to melt the cheese.

For bread sticks top them how ever you like.  We brush some butter or oil and garlic (like for the pizza) then add some cheese.   Cut into strips and enjoy

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