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May 2013 Q Specials

Shelf Reliance Mom: May 2013 Q Specials

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

May 2013 Q Specials

So far all of you out there enjoying the 75 or 80 degree weather, I just wanted to say Happy May Day!

It just started in the early hours of the morning and just keeps coming down.  I had to pick up my son from preschool and had completely forgotten that I needed to save some time to wipe off all of this snow so I could actually see where I am driving.  There were several inches.  I'd estimate 4 maybe.  You would think that this wouldn't be a surprise to me at this point, but after living in Las Cruces, NM for most of my life and having snow happen MAYBE once a year and even then it typically falls from the sky but melts once it reaches the ground, this weather coming in May is still a SHOCKER.

Now its all clear why Meilea did the grow your own potato bucket article and not me, huh?  I am dying to start having a window garden too.  They say the rule of thumb in Denver is not to plant before Mother's Day weekend so maybe this will be the last snow... or maybe once more since there are still almost 2 weeks left til that time.  Anywho, I am pretty sure this sporadic craziness is almost over. :)

So the wait is over for those of you wondering what deals you get to score for April.  It would appear that Chef Todd was getting ready for Cinco de Mayo as there are a few ingredients for South of the Border recipes.  Remember that you can still take advantage of April Sales and winter price lists until 5 pm today, but after that, we will be switching to these new sales and price lists.  That means you have a couple more hours to stock up on pineapples before you can stock up on blueberries.

Here you go!

Don't forget to edit your Q so you can shop the sales and earn points on all of your purchases!  Mine is shipping out in a couple of days so I am getting mine done today.  If you haven't heard of the Q, you can check out the monthly sales and delivery service here or see my blog post on the difference between the old Q and the new Q here.

Since the Nonfat Powdered Milk is on sale, you can look forward to a post on the uses of powdered milk next week, as well as a huge variety of recipes coming throughout the month.  I will be writing another post later this week with my goals for the month.  I would love some suggestions.  Thanks for stopping by!

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