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What are YOU doing to create a Peace of Mind?

Shelf Reliance Mom: What are YOU doing to create a Peace of Mind?

Saturday, May 4, 2013

What are YOU doing to create a Peace of Mind?

I get asked pretty frequently so what do YOU buy?  What do YOU do to prepare?  I try to write mini posts from time to time on my favorite products, but I thought it might be more helpful to have a post each month where you can see my goals for the month and keep me accountable.  I in turn would also love to hear what you are doing to bring your home more peace of mind.

I am a very goal oriented, list making person.  It’s pretty silly but I’m even the type that if I’ve accomplished something that wasn’t on the list, I write in on the list and mark it off.  It helps me recognize all of my accomplishments and stay focused on long term goals.  I figure the beginning of the month when I am already planning my financial budget, monthly Q and purchases, and posting sales for the month would also be a good reminder for me to make a list of priorities on the blog.

Things I accomplished during April

-  I bought my Kindle Cook Kit and extra Flameless Pouches!

THRIVE Life just released the Kindle at Convention this year and I am particularly excited about this product because I think it will be perfect to add to my 72 hour kits.  Because it is a flameless heating source, it is something that I can even teach my 5 year old to use so if (Heaven forbid) we were to be separated for some reason, he'd be able to heat an instant entree.  (Just realized, I need to add the goal of teaching my son to use this and use his 72 hour kit to the list)

-         I bought my GP Tent.  Woohoo!

If there were a huge catastrophe, I want to be able to have a portable home for my family to live in should we be misplaced from our home.  This was something I've been waiting to get for 2 years.  I did a little happy dance 2 weekends ago when I was FINALLY able to check that off of my list of things to do.

-   Bought my Stove in a Can and Replacement Fuel

Although I hope for my Sun Oven to be my main form of cooking on a daily basis in an emergency situation and Volcano Stove to be my back up, I recognize that living in Denver means that the weather is crazy and unpredictable.  I need to start planning alternative options in case there are situations that prevent us from using our first two options. These are some of the benefits of the Stove in a Can:

     * Works well in extreme weather conditions
     * Can boil water in less than 5 minutes
     * Compact and portable (excellent for 72 hour kits)
     * Easy to set up and take down
     * Fuel source is safe and non-explosive
     * The replacement fuel is nice because each disk provides an hour of fuel.
-         Got more cooking oils in storage.

-         Got my Sawyer Water Filter

I love that this product is guaranteed for 1 MILLION gallons of water.  This means clean water for life.  Before this product was released, I had been most excited about my Katadyn Pocket Filter (which I still like and think will be good for on the go situations) but if we are going to be needing a filtered water source long term, I love that I won't be having to ask, gee, I wonder how many more gallons of water this filter is good for.  AMAZING!

Preparation Goals for May
***Main Goal*** I want to have a typed out Year Long Meal Plan for Food Storage.
-         Links to recipes (print outs of each)
-         Figure out amount of food I need to have to make them
-    Figure out cooking plan for these meals.  (How much charcoal would I need for my Volcano Stove if cooking on it once a week, which meals will work in the Wonder Oven, Sun Oven... etc)
          o  Get 3 bags of charcoal in storage for use with my VolcanoStove since it is cheaper during the summer.
-         Convert 2 recipes from this list to THRIVE for the blog
          o   Make at least one meal in my SunOvens (since I have 2 at my home -only one is mine-, I would like to make a main meal in one and side dishes in the other.  Check out tips here)

-         Have at least one meal that includes each of the May Q items in it.

-     Buy Food Saver so I can start dry packing meals to have on hand for easy meals or grab n go situation.

          o  Use Food Saver to pack a meal to have 1 day every other week for a year. (26 jars) 
          o  Use Food Saver to pack a cookie recipe to have 1 day a month for a year. (12 jars) 

-         Try one bread in a jar recipe from

          o  Use Food Saver to pack a bread in a jar recipe for each day for 2 weeks. (14 jars)

-     Buy my cylinder stove for my tent.

-     Print out Emergency Grab n Go Binder from Misty’s Site

-     Teach son and nephew how to use the Kindle Cook.  

-     Update clothing in 72 hour kits since baby will be coming soon.

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