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Caught Red Handed.... Strawberry Theives

Shelf Reliance Mom: Caught Red Handed.... Strawberry Theives

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Caught Red Handed.... Strawberry Theives

When you were little, did you ever have the saying, "Pretty please with cherries on top?" 
For our family it's pretty please with Strawberries on top.
We LOVE Strawberries!

I frequently get asked if THRIVE is actually good.  I tell people yes, we are creating a whole new generation of closet eaters and that's no lie.

Here are the pics of the little duo who figured out how to work together to get this can off of a tall shelf and huddle in a corner to start devouring as fast as they could.

Little Stinkers!

On a related note, did you see that the Whole Strawberries are on sale this month?  Yay! I love Strawberries.... yes, I know that is obvious by now.  Here are some of the ways our family uses strawberries:

We top our Banana French Toast with Strawberries.
We love Granola with lots of Strawberries, Blueberries and Pears.
Brianna's Greek Yogurt Strawberry Bread is Fabulous.

And lest you think Strawberry Theiving is a one time offense for these girls, think again.

I had been preparing to hydrate some strawberries to top my french toast
and told my daughter she could have 1. 
Here's the evidence she left behind.

 Question of the Day: What do your kiddos sneak when you're being productive around the house?



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