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Shelf Reliance is going Organic

Shelf Reliance Mom: Shelf Reliance is going Organic

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Shelf Reliance is going Organic

Announced just one week ago.... Shelf Reliance has officially started going Organic!  Below is the official document of what is offered so far and how things will be phased in.  I hope that if you are someone who appreciates the extra effort made to keep products grown in a pesticide-free environment that you too will be doing cartwheels.  (Okay, so I did mental cartwheels, did you know that its difficult to do cartwheels when you're 5 months pregnant?!)

Though the fruits and veggies will be offered in both the organic and non-organic varieties, Shelf Reliance will begin to phase out some of the grains and switch to only Organic varieties for some products.  Please read the document below for full details.  Also, be sure to check out our featured Q Specials and recipes this month with Organic Spelt being the main Q-Pon Item for all of you Platinum Q Members.  Now that's a good way to get started on the Organic boat!  If you'd like an updated price list with all of these new products, email me at or you can shop directly at my discount store. Thanks for stopping by!

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Tiffany Daumueller
Independent Consultant and Director at Shelf Reliance/ THRIVE Foods

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Question of the Day:
What products would you most like to see offered in our Organic line?



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