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December Party Sales Prices

Shelf Reliance Mom: December Party Sales Prices

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

December Party Sales Prices

I know that I'm a little bit like a broken record when I tell people that I only buy stuff when its on sale, but I figure there are other people out there who are like me...right?! Well for those of you out there who love a great deal, I thought I'd let you in on the December Party Prices that you can get by placing your order through me! All of these prices are for #10 size cans.  Remember that if you order a case (a box of 6 #10 cans), you receive an additional 5 % off making it an incredible price for anything you need to stock up on.

First up.... Apple chips. I love these because they are wonderful as a quick, easy snack or in baking.  Banana slices-just add water and you've got a perfect pancake topping, mush for banana breads or other baked goods. Raspberries are wonderful in smoothies and toppings for desserts.  Now you don't have to worry about only using part of the box from the grocery store and having the rest go bad. Carrots that you don't even have to DICE, just add to your soup. Peas... another soup or casserole must have. Tomato powder will make your homemade sauce (or paste) easy and taste fantastic.  Make as much or as little as you need without wasting any sauce. TVP (Textured Vegetable Protein) once considered to be uneatable is actually good. I've tried the TVP beef in a taco seasoned queso dip,  the ham in a stir fry, and will soon try the Chicken. They're great! Finally, the drink mixes... though I haven't tried the peach, the apple drink mix smelt divine from the instant I opened it.  I haven't tried it plain, but I used it to make my Waissal recipe which you can find here on my blog.

                                     Regularly  Sale Price     Case of 6 #10 Cans
Apple Chips                     $14.89      11.89        67.68
FD Banana Slices            $31.29      24.95      142.22
FD Raspberries              $31.19       27.99       159.54
Carrot Dices                    $15.29       12.19         69.50
Garden Seeds                 $40.09      31.99       182.22
Peas                                 $21.69        19.45        110.95
Tomato Powder             $35.59      28.39       161.76
9 Grain Cracked Cereal  $8.09       6.45         36.77
Egg Noodle Pasta           $10.59       8.45         48.13
Instant White Rice         $11.79        9.39         53.52
Black Beans                    $14.99        11.95         68.13
Lima Beans                     $13.39       10.69         60.86
TVP Chicken                  $11.59         9.25          52.68
TVP Ham                       $13.49         10.79         61.31
TVP Sausage                 $12.09         9.65           54.90
TVP Sloppy Joe             $18.19       14.49          82.68
Apple Drink                   $18.29       14.59           83.13
Peach Drink                   $17.59       14.05           79.95

If you are interested in getting any of these products at the current amazing price, let me know soon.  The prices are subject to change at anytime so I can't promise how long the deals are going to last!  Just email me at if you are interested in placing an order, I'd love for you to take advantage of these wonderful party prices!

Sales don't end there... If you've been drooling over the unique self rotating shelves that Shelf Reliance has to offer, now is the time to buy.  I know people who are getting these as Christmas gifts from spouses or for their children.

                                                  Regularly       Sale Price
Cansolidator Pantry              $44.99               21.49 (or free if you win my drawing ;)
Cansolidator Cupboard       $ 34.99               19.49
Ready Rack                           $ 449.99             292.49
Harvest 72"                           $ 459.99              264.99
    (Note: This is for either the regular or #10 rotating shelf)
Pantry 18" Stackable          $249.99             162.49
Pantry 24" Stackable          $259.99             168.99
Harvest 18" Stackable        $284.99             185.24
Harvest 24" Stackable        $309.99             201.49
4 Side Shelves                       $59.99                  38.99
Top Shelf                                $29.99                  19.49

Shelf Reliance started selling the shelves commercially first, but they want their party price to always be the best.  Let me know if there is a cheaper advertised price!

Finally, for those of you who are just getting on to the SR scene and aren't sure what your favorites will be, the seller packs are also on sale right now.

                                                 Regular    Sale Price
Top Seller 6 Pack               $89.99          74.59
FD Meat 6 Pack                  $269.99      220.79
Mixed Veggie 6 Pack        $99.99          77.99
Dehydrated Fruit 6 Pack $89.99         66.79
Mixed Berry 6 Pack           $179.99       143.79
Island Fruit 6 Pack            $179.99       146.79
Green Veggie 6 Pack         $109.99        87.99
Kids 6 Pack                           $109.99       91.79
Entree 6 Pack                      $209.99       172.79
Entree Soup 6 Pack           $219.99        178.79
Fruit Sample Pack              $96.59         82.09
Veggie Sample Pack           $74.00        62.89

AND the final SUPER DEAL!!!!!

2 Person Survival Pack (72 Hours) Usually 160 is only 89.99!!! Now that's an awesome offer!


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